Fabio Andrés Galvis Gómez

Fabio Andrés Galvis Gómez

Энергичный и обаятельный иностранный преподаватель английского и испанского языков


Grade: Magister in Human sciences, option contemporary philosophy (Student in grade process)
Montevideo, Uruguay  Universidad de la República

Grade: Philosopher. Bucaramanga, Colombia

Universidad Industrial de Santander. Assistant to the course "Towards a constructivist practice in the classroom"

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
January of 2016 (Distance learning course)

Assistant to the course “Educational Technologies”
Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV [X])
September to Dicember of 2014 (Distance learning course)

Assistant to the "Workshop of academic reading and writing for university teachers"
Universidad de la República (UDELAR)
August to September of 2013 (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Diploma in "Pedagogical and didactic processes of reading and writing in higher education"
Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS)
January to May of 2012 (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

Intensive English course, levels 1 to 6
language Institute UIS, Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS)
2007 (Bucaramanga, Colombia).

Опыт работы

Place: Grupo Formarte, Bucaramanga

Role: Teacher of Reading comprehension

Term: January of 2016 to August 2016

Place: Colegio Franciscano del Virrey Solís, Bucaramanga

Role: Teacher of philosophy
Teacher of Economics and political sciences

Teacher of Democracy

Place: Eduland Uruguay

Role: Support teacher of philosophy

Term: March of 2013 to November of 2013

Place: Colegio INTECOL

Role: Teacher of philosophy

Teacher of Economics and political sciences

Term: September of 2011 to August of 2012

Дополнительное образование, сертификаты


Grade: Philosopher

Bucaramanga, Colombia                      

Universidad Industrial de Santander

Иностранные языки



Why is it important to me to be a teacher? (Почему мне нравится быть преподавателем)

My desire to be a teacher stems from when I was studying at university. There I realized that a tool of social change, the most powerful, is precisely education. Due to the above, I have strived to be a better professional and a better person and that’s why I’ve been studying competently and recurrently and else, of course, I didn’t forget about to be ethical. This two parts, be smart enough for my kids and be a good person is a really important dichotomy cuz I understand that my work is very special, I dedicate myself to forming human beings who are in charge of inheriting everything that all of us has built.

Thus, in each of my classes and with each of my students, I do not simply teach a lecture and expose my knowledge on various subjects, I also try every time to deliver something of myself as a human, connecting with them and understanding them; be a unit in the classroom that is fed back because undoubtedly children have much to teach us as well. Adults have forgotten the simplicity of being happy and it is something that I try to remember and when I forget it, I always have a little student that reminds me of it.

Because of the above, every day I am more convinced and happy of the way that I have chosen. Undoubtedly, the teaching experience -well seen and dreamy (as it should be) - is very enriching and therefore I feel fortunate because I consider that I have found, from a very young age, the path to happiness.

  Английский, испанский языки

Преподает направления

Как заинтересовать/увлечь подростка английским

С кем лучше учить английский: с носителем языка или с русским преподавателем? Вот она — вечная дилемма всех, кто захотел выучить или усовершенствовать свой английский.

Ребенок готовится к поступлению в ВУЗ? А, может быть, вы хотите переехать в англоговорящую страну, найти там постоянную работу или получить высшее образование? Мы поможем подготовиться к сдаче любых экзаменов по английскому языку, в том числе и международных — ESOL, IELTS, TOEFL, BEC.

Вы решили учить английский — окончательно и бесповоротно.

Международные конференции, деловые переговоры, командировки — без знания английского сегодня никуда. Это факт.

Английскому все возрасты покорны.