Konstantina Dalla

Teacher. Native speaker


2022 UrFU, master degree, International Relations

2014- 2019 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Philosophy

Faculty of Russian Language and Literature and Slavic Studies

Job Experience 

since 2022 a teacher in CONSUL for adult learners

2015-2020 I was working as a tutor for a children (8, 9, 11primary education) and adolescents (secondary education) (13, 16 and 17years old)

04.09-04.12.2019 I completed my internship at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2014-2015 I was responsible for a child’s custody and his daily study (8 years old)

Foreign Languages

Certificate of  Lower in English, University of Michigan and Cambridge

Delf B2, Institut Francais D’ Athenes

About me

I αm very much interested in building relationships with people from different countries exchanging ideas and sharing common interests. I also spend a lot of hours watching documentaries in order to learn cultures, traditions from other countries around the world.


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